Serendipity Goldens

Please feel free to contact us directly if you're looking for a puppy to join your family.  These beautiful AKC Limited Registration Cream, sometimes white colored golden retriever puppies are just gorgeous!  Golden Retrievers are affectionate, intuitive and most of all, people pleasers.  Known as America's family dog, they also make a good running partner, hunting dog, ball fetcher, pool buddy, and just all around perfect companion. (All of those I can personally attest to!)  Not your average breeder!   We limit the # of breeding dogs we own & the # of litters they have. This is done to help protect the integrity of their health and temperament.  Our girls either live with us or a foster family as their own family's dog when they are not in season.  This allows the dogs to be a part of a family that loves them.  They can't help but make adorable puppies and the most beautiful dogs. We begin potty & crate training as soon as they begin eating puppy food - unlike other breeders.  We also can assist with additional training if you'd like. We'd love to speak with you to make sure it's a good fit for you & to assure our puppies are well cared for. or 404-309-3818